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Volkswagen Golf

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Citroen C1

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Nissan Evalia Diesel

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Opel Vivaro Diesel

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Hyundai i20

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Fiat Doblo

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Daihatsu Terios

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Rent a Car Tinos

Tinos Rent a Car by Imperial

Tinos is an island of the Northern Cyclades, known for the church of Panagia and the influx of pilgrims on the 15th of August, the 750 churches and chapels and the 600 elaborate pigeons.

Access here is made by boat, from the port of Tinos to Chora, the capital of the island. Close to the main harbor, there is the marina of Tinos, for the docking of smaller boats.

Public transport in the island is served by the KTEL Bus Station. Tinos, however, are easier made with a rental car from Imperial Car Rental Tinos.

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The island is inhabited since prehistoric times. His name owes to King Tinos, the leader of a group of Ions from Caria of Asia Minor who lived here in prehistoric times.

Religious center from ancient times, Tinos was considered the residence of Aeolus, while as a protector of the island was worshiped Neptune the great healer and his wife Amphitrite, a protector of fertility.

Their two majestic temples, at the present location of Kionia, were a very important place of pilgrimage to the Mediterranean, where those who prepared for a trip to Delphi or for pilgrimage to the Holy Delhi were stopped for purification.

Tinos was a traditional ally of the Athenians, while its contribution was decisive for the discharge from the Persian yoke.

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Later, he goes to the Macedonian kingdom, becomes the seat of the Islanders' Communion and knows great prosperity.

During Roman times and the Byzantine Empire, he is plagued by pirate raids, decayed, dominated by the Venetians, occupied by the Turks in 1715 and liberated by the Greek Revolution of 1821.

He is experiencing the devastating German occupation in the Second World War and is recovering after liberation, knowing great development to this day.

The rental car from Imperial Car Rental Tinos, with the base of Chora of Tinos, will take you to all cultural and natural attractions.

The most famous point of visit in Chora is the church of Panagia Evangelistria, built on the ancient theater of Dionysus and the altar of Neptune and Amphitrite.

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In the same place, the "Sacred Fountain of the Amphitrite" who healed from every disease anyone who faithfully drank from it, survived to this day and is used in exactly the same way as the miraculous Source of the Virgin.

Visit the picturesque districts of Pallada and Malamatenia, the ancient walls, the Archaeological Museum, the Art Gallery, the Small Park with the busts of Tinian artists, the Textile School, the Foundation of Tinian Culture.

With the comfort of car rental from Imperial Car Rental Tinos, explore the enchanting villages-jewels of the hinterland, Mamados, Pyrgos and Panormos with the Marble Craft Museum, Yesternia with the Ysternia Mill, Kardiani, Aetofolia, Tarambados with the gorge with the stunning pigeons, stonemasonic works of art from slate and lime, Loutra, Volax or Volakas with huge round granites, lunar landscape to Falatados, Potamia the hidden village with the unique view, Two Villages, Triantaros, Arnados, the village the-monument of architecture Tripotamos.

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In the center of Tinos dominates Ximbourg or Exomvourgo, with the ruins of the ancient city of the 8th century BC, the temple of Demeter and Persephone, the ancient Acropolis, the Venetian fortress, the spectacular view across the Aegean.

All over the island, landscaped in "terraces" with "dry stone" fields give the impressive image of large stairs.

Thanks to the rental of Imperial Car Rental you will visit the wonderful beaches of Tinos.

Close to Chora, you will find the cosmopolitan Kionia beach with the temple of Poseidon and Amphitrite in its archaeological site, the winding beaches of Agios Markos and Stavros, Agios Fokas, the largest on the island, Agios Ioannis Porto, Agios Sostis with the tower of the ancient frythoria , Agia Kyriaki.

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The beautiful beaches of Vourni, Agios Romanos, exotic Aiganias, Kantani, Agios Petros, Kalyvia, Ormos Yannakis, Ormos Kardianis, Ormos Ysternia, Vathi, Mali, Housla, Kavalourko in a selenic landscape, Agia Thalassa, Ormos Panormou, Rohari, Kolimbithra, Old Agios Fylakos, Warehouses, stunning Livada, Santa Margarita, tranquil Lychnaphia, Pahia Ammos with dunes, Lute.

The natural beauties and the various Tinos attractions that you will explore with the car rental service of Imperial Car Rental Tinos are sure to make you always love this unique wonderland!

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